Music for Consciousness Rising

The world is shifting. We’re at a point in human history when we are facing challenges as never before. Our destiny and the destiny of the planet is in our hands. The personal choices we make every day have a tremendous impact.

Those choices include the kind of music we listen to and perform.

A new form of music has emerged over the last few years. Positive/Conscious Music (or POZ for short) bridges ages, styles and musical genres. It’s heard in spiritual centres, retreats, and yoga studios. It’s heard in the intimate setting of a house concert and it’s heard on big stages at music festivals.

Positive Conscious Music is a musical expression of the knowledge, awareness and vision that we are hearing from our brightest new thought leaders.

Music creates harmony and resonance. We’ve all had those experiences when music has calmed and relaxed us and brought us back to clarity.

The music we choose affects our outlook, our thoughts, and our feelings. Music positively or negatively affects those around us.

Choose resonance over dissonance.
Choose positive messages over negative.

Choose Positive/Conscious Music.